Greetings, every blogger and viewer that is fortunate enough to find my blog. seriously, thank you.

I love Science Fiction. So I’m going to blog about it. Well, not all Sci-fi; My parents don’t know if I can watch Doctor Who, but I hope they say yes, and I’ve spent most of my Sci-fi life in Star wars, so you’ll get tons of Star wars posts. But I know Star trek pretty well, so you’ll also get tons of those kinds of posts. And if my parents say that I can watch Doctor Who, then you’ll some of those posts too.

And I hope to blog about Planet of the apes and the Hunger games and other Sci-fi films and tv shows in the future. you will also see Movie reviews, merchandise reviews, and book reviews, and for the science fiction tv shows, you’ll find some episode reviews.

Live long and prosper, readers.